Mendez is one of the upland Muicipalities situated in the southern past of Cavite. It is about 19 km northwest of Trece Martires City, the Provincial and 65 km Southwest of Manila. It is generally a highland with rolling to hilly terrain estending from northen to the souther part of the Municipality.
             It is bounded on the northwest and northeast by the municipality of Indang, on the east of muinicipality of Gen. Trias on the southeast of Tagaytay City and on the southwest of Alfonso.


         Mendez is one of the Municipalities in Cavite with nhigh elevation rising from 458 to 566 meter above see level (masl). It has a moderately sloping terrain, undulating and rolling slopes ranging from 0-3 % comprising 13 % and 87 % of the total land are respectively.
           Climate in the area fails under type II with two pronounced season. Wet from October to May and dry the rest of the year.


            Based on the records of the National Statistics Office (NSO), the 1970 population of Mendez was 12,333 postinga growth rate of 1.6 %, the population rose to 15,044 in 1980. From the total 1980 population, 38 % accounts for the urban population while bulk of 62 % are found in the rural area.
            With the land area of  1,666 hectares comprising 24 barangays including the poblacion the 1980 population density is 10 person per hectare.


            Mendez is a fifth class municipality with agriculture as the major activity. Coffee is the major crop covering 84 % of the land area while seasonal fruits and vegetables as the secondary crops. Agricultural area covers 1,540 hectares. Livestock and Poultry production are other sources of income in the municipalities.


           The Mendez Wd system of operation is by direct pumping method. All pumps were put on the upper portion of the town. Some areas on a higher elevation serve every 2 days, some were 10 to 16 hours. The MWD operates 7 pumping stations ranging from 25 Hp to 50 Hp. Four (4) pumping station operates for 20 hours daily and 3 pumps operates 2 to 6 hours daily using generator set.

          At present, Mendez WD is using pipelines from old NAWASA for almost 2.5 kms. C.I. pipe, 150 mm as its transmission line which connect all inter-connection to different barangays with the improvement from the previous projects, the MWD construct a parallel pipe on the main road to be able to seperate the distribution of pump 1 & 2 and serve the lower portion of the town proper. Another deep well will be energized and will improved the services of the Water District in the town Proper.